There’s No Risk with Fee Assist

As a business owner, you understand that managing costs can be a challenge, especially when it comes to processing card payments. The expenses associated with accepting various types of cards, whether it’s a premium airline rewards card or a standard debit card, can vary significantly.

For businesses seeking to maintain profitability while offering card payment options, there’s a solution that helps alleviate some of these costs – our Fee Assist Program. You may have heard of surcharging, but let us walk you through the details and show you how our Fee Assist Program can benefit your business.

What is the Fee Assist Program?

Our Fee Assist program gives you the flexibility to shift some of your credit card processing fees to your customers.

It’s important to note that this only applies to credit card transactions, not debit card or prepaid card transactions.

Additionally, our system makes it easy for your customers to make their choice right at the point of sale. If they prefer not to pay the additional fee, they can simply use cash or their debit card instead.

For example, if you’re charged a 3% fee each month for processing credit card transactions, you can add an extra 3% to the total purchase amount to cover these costs.

With this program, you can retain anywhere from 80-90% of your payment processing fees, though the exact percentage may vary. This depends in part on the proportion of credit card to debit card transactions in your overall payment processing.

How Your Business Can Benefit

Cost Savings

Our Fee Assist Program allows you to offset the costs of credit card processing fees and in turn you can boost your profit margins – especially if your business has a lot of credit card transactions.

Greater Pricing Flexibility

Our Fee Assist Program enables you to provide better prices for customers who use alternative payment methods, such as cash or debit cards.

Competitive Advantage

If your competitors aren’t using Fee Assist, they might be charging higher prices to cover credit card fees. This could drive cash-paying customers straight to you for better deals.

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