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Your customers will keep presenting new ways to pay, and you’ll need a point-of-sale terminal that can do it all without turning down a sale. With a simple design and advanced technology, the Future Proof Ingenico® iCT250 can help you take your credit card processing to a whole new level. Available in Chase blue, it includes an integrated reader that accepts payments from both contactless credit cards and smart phones. With the additional slot that allows the acceptance of chip cards, your business will be ready when the U.S. transitions to the EMV global security standard.

This next-generation device offers an all-in-one credit card processing experience: a single terminal that accepts EMV chip transactions; contactless payments (both NFC and RFID); debit and credit card swipe; and manual entry transactions.

Plus, automatic remote downloading ensures that your terminal will receive software updates with no action on your part, paving the way for value-added offerings as contactless third-party apps and mobile wallets become the norm.


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The iCT250 is the innovative payment solution that’s so smart, it stands alone. It accepts all existing forms of electronic payment – including NFC/contactless, EMV, and magstripe – unrestricted by any other POS limitations because it operates with or without a cash register or POS system interface. 

Highest Security
The iCT 250 meets the highest security requirements and is PCI PTS 3.x certified with SRED and Open protocol modules. The optional PIN privacy shield provides additional PIN entry confidentiality.

Designed for Merchants

Among the world’s smallest and lightest devices, the iCT 250 is designed for easy handling and robust daily use. The backlit keypad makes PIN entry and menu navigation easy and intuitive. Also, the large keys and power buzzer speed transactions and reduce PIN entry errors.

All Payment Options
Offering EMV chip & PIN, magstripe, and NFC/contactless payment, the iCT 250 also enables new NFC couponing and wallet applications.

 All Connectivity & Communication
Equipped with an unparalleled array of communication technologies such as high speed modem or Ethernet, the iCT 250 delivers anytime, anywhere connectivity.

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