Card Processing Equipment

As technology continues to change, U.S. Card Systems recognizes that retailers need the flexibility to respond to new trends and requirements, making sure their transactions continue to be convenient and easy for their in-store customers.

Our credit card processing terminals with OmniShield Assure, a four-pronged security approach that includes EMV assurance, PCI compliance and breach assistance, card data encryption/tokenization.

Our POS solutions for small business work with the “best of the best” industry terminal vendors so you get the highest quality terminal. We also give you a choice of devices, so you can pick the one that meets your specific needs. We’ll also ensure all our devices are fully ready to support your payment processing needs and accept the widest variety of payment types.

Our devices include the following benefits:

  • Choose the device that suits you
  • Enjoy top-notch fraud and security protection
  • Experience easy integration

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